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The year is 2053. The place is the galaxy. Angela is on Earth, but things are not as we know them today, Meat are grown in vats. Cheese is made from grains. Soon she will hop from planet to planet. Uranus is her first experience.

#2 Sins of the Fathers. Teaser 1
#2 Sins of the Fathers. Teaser 2


Angela Wright

We meet Angela on her 28th birthday. It is not a good day for her. In fact, this day’s events starts off a catharsis in her life. Her journey into self-exploration starts here, and soon she is making difficult decisions about life.

Angela is a weak character to start out with, but there is a lot of potential to grow. In her professional and personal life she is stepping forward to find a place where she can be the person she wants to be.

Growing up with a mother whose ego is the size of Planet Earth, with a heart of ice, is not easy on any child. Angela has trouble with trusting people. She doesn’t make friends easily. Her friends list has one name: Bren.

If it were not for Thomas and Sarah, the housekeeping couple, Angela would never know the warmth of love, the kind touch of a caring hand, and the welcoming smile of acceptance.

Angela walks away from the Intergalactic Bureau of Investigation, a career Margaret, her mother, had chosen. She signs a contract to bed=come a Bounty Hunter.

But can she ever put her family name behind her? Or will her famous mother ‘s reputation follow her forever? And can she stand up to her mother’s attempts to regain control?


Angelo is sick, and he knows his time is running out. Living in the underground caves of Uranus has a terrible price. The domes that protect the rest of the population from the dangerous oil that covers everything, especially lungs, are not effective here.

But the caves are the home to the resistance movement. Angelo was born in the caves. His parents were both fighters, and so is he. But his father died a year ago, and he made a promise to deliver something important to his sister, Angela.

Only, they have never met.  In fact, she doesn’t even know he exists. And she lives on Planet Earth.

Can Angelo fulfill his promise to his father before he dies?


Brenda, or Bren to her friends, has love Angela since the day they met in the zoo. But she has b=never told Angela this, because although she was bi-sexual herself, Angela had always been interested in men. Even when she spend money on buying an AI lover, it was a male model.

But then the day came when everything about Angela changed. She showed Bren an advertisement for bounty hunting on Uranus, and said she was tired of living in her mother’s shadow.

Bren almost died at the thought of Angela leaving Planet Earth. And putting herself in such danger. Why couldn’t she just be a secretary, or something safe and boring.

And then Angela kissed her.

Everything changed.

Bren watched Angela grow a spine, stand up to her ego-maniac mother, and find a place in the world. And then, just when everything she ever wanted becomes reality, a stalker sets his eyes on Bren.

Will the stalker get his hands on Bren before they are able to identify him? And what is his ultimate plan?

Margaret Wright

Margaret was born to a family that could trace down their lineage for several generations. They were a people of industry, making them one of the wealthiest on Planet Earth. Her t is marriage to James Winston Wright is as much a way for her family to make new connections, as it is two people tying the knot.

But Margaret is not only the daughter of a rich and influential family, and the wife of a well-known investigative journalist. She is a judge working her way up the judicial ladder. Since she was a girl, her eye was on one of the six seats in the Intergalactic High Court. No Human had ever been invited to the most prestigious, and powerful, institution.

With the backing and support of her family, she finally reach her dream.

But with great power comes responsibility.

Can Margaret make unbiased decisions about laws that will allow her family to grow richer and even more powerful in the intergalactic community? Will she ever allow Angela the freedom to follow her own dreams?

James Wright

Father to Angela. Husband to Margaret.

Investigative journalist that hunts the truth and exposes corruption to the highest levels. Assassinated in 2035, when Angela is only ten.

But what ten about Angelo, and the promise he made to their father? Will James be able to shed light on what happened in the past? And will his dream for Angela come true?

Thomas & Sarah

Thomas, a Pectorial from Mars, wins an all-expenses paid vacation on Earth. He is eighteen and considers himself lucky.

But Earth has a beauty he cannot resist. Her name is Sarah.

Soon they marry, and start a life together. Working in the palatial home of the Wrights, they come to hate Margaret almost as deeply as they love Angela.

Thomas often assists James with research into his cases. They become like brothers. It is to Thomas that James turns when the death threats start. After two unsuccessful attempts to kill him, James asks Thomas and Sarah to keep Angela safe.

So far they have kept their promise, but will they be able to do so in future, when she is hunting dangerous criminals all over the galaxy?


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