My writing spaces

My Office

My office is also our spare bedroom, which means that when we have guests, I have to find another place to write.

Some might be thinking that it makes no sense to write when you have guests.

But I do.

I write every day.

Some days are more prolific than others. Those are glorious. Some days I can only write a few words.

But every day I write. And if my office is hi-jacked, I work in the dining room.




My dining room

I get up at four every morning to put words to paper. Even when I only got to bed very late. There are plenty of mornings that I feel like turning around and going back to bed. But I don’t. I get up and write.

Or in the evening, when everyone else is in bed.

There are times when I get stuck. And then I go to a place of peace. A place where worlds life and breathe and inspire.




My local library

No matter where I am, or what is happening around me, I make time to write.

Because I want to be a professional writer. I want to publish books. Books with stories.


And stories are my life. They are the reason for my living.