a biographical collection of poetry


A few years ago I lost my photographs. It touched me deeply, because these were the memories of my life. Moments with family and friends captured on paper. Physical evidence that I existed in the world, and was connected to people. Photographs showed that I loved, laughed, cried. They celebrated my achievements, failures, and even the mundane. They testified of who I was, where I’ve been, and where I am now.            

At times they were vibrant and bold, colourful banter of laughter and fun. Or grave black and white scenes, pressed deeply into the paper, and my heart. As I selected the poems for this collection, I realized that they were like my photographs. Each one a snapshot of me at a particular moment in time. 


Child's play
Manufacturers flaw


Poetically probed

Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust.

Let’s see the truth

Beneath this rust.

Mirror to life,

Scalpel to heart.

Reveal the choices

That weren’t smart.

Eye to eye,

Me to self.

Uncover pain

Resting on shelf.

Pen to page,

Blood to word.

Poems expose

Thoughts unheard.

Snapshot Selfies, by Rita Kruger. Cover